h4ck1t 2016: Belarus - Electronicon, PPC 250pts

This task is one of the methods for the psychological attacks. It is intended for people who don't have heart diseases and reached 18 years ;)

For this problem, they give you a massive text file, paint.txt. I made the mistake of opening this in Notepad++, it was able to load enough that I noticed that the file was filled with block letters, and then it crashed. Thus, I wrote a script that would extract just the block letters and store the 16 possible options (0-F) in an array. The script can be viewed here.

With the data for each style of block character stored, I went back through the file and converted its contents to a string which I then printed to a file. I noticed that the first few bytes looked a lot like a JPEG header, except it was missing an extra "F" at the beginning. So, I just used Notepad++'s hex to ASCII converter, saved the file to a JPEG, and opened it:

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